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Description: How to choose health coverage. How to work within your health plan.

California Health Advocates
Source/Author: California Health Advocates (CHA)
A nonprofit organization dedicated to timely and responsive education and advocacy efforts on behalf of California Medicare beneficiaries and the pre-retirement population. CHA promotes the work of the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) projects and others serving 4.1 million Medicare beneficiaries of all ages throughout California. CHA provides statewide technical training and support to local HICAP offices, social and legal services agencies and other professionals helping Californians with questions about Medicare. HICAP is a volunteer-supported program that provides unbiased information about Medicare, related health care coverage, and long-term care insurance to help Medicare beneficiaries make the best choices for their individual health care needs.

Children's Health Inusrance Plan, Medicaid, and Uninsured Children
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Questions & Answers about Health Care Insurance
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Choosing and Using a Health Plan Contents Changes and Choices Overview Choosing a Plan 1. What Are My Health Plan Choices? 2. Where Do I Get These Health Plans? 3. What Plan Benefits Are Offered? 4. What Is Most Important to Me in a Plan? 5. How Do I Compare Health Plans? 6. How Do I Find Out About Quality? Using Care 7. How Can I Get the Most from My Plan? 8. How Do I Obtain Care? 9. What if I Have to Go to the Hospital? 10. What if I Am Not Satisfied with My Care? Primary Care Doctors Pre-Existing Conditions Tips on Choosing a Doctor Sources of Additional Information General Information Accreditation and Quality

Choosing Health Insurance
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Choosing Health Insurance that Best Meets your Needs

Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy
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Health Insurance Info
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Information on how life events affect your health insurance
Source/Author: Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Consumer Guides for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance

How to Use Your Managed Care Plan Effectively: Questions and Answers for Families With Children
Medical Review

Medical Needs Letter
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Support Group
Letter to be given to insurance companies to support the need for patients with dwarfism to be cared for by specialists who have experience with dwarfism and indicating that this may require them to go out of network or out of state to receive the necessary services.

What is the best health insurance plan for me?
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