Limb Lengthening

Dwarfism Correction By Extensive Limb Lengthening: Achondroplasia
Source/Author: Centre for Ilizarov Techniques 
Web-based (medical)
Pictures and x-rays of individuals with achondroplasia undergoing extensive limb lengthening.

Extended Limb Lengthening (ELL): LPA Medical Advisory Board Statement
Source/Author: LPA Medical Advisory Board 
Support Group
Discussion of ELL, its complications and recommended ways to explore and proceed with ELL, if an individual should feel that ELL is an appropriate choice for him/her.

Ilizarov appartus
Source/Author: Orthopedics department, BC Children's Hospital 
Web-based (medical)
Overview in lay terms of this orthopedic device including its uses, how it works, and the experience of patient put in one of these.

Limb lengthening
Source/Author: Short Statured People of Australia (Source: Information Guide to Persons of Short Stature, edited by Stephen Pinnell, p. 23) 
Support Group
Overview of Extensive Limb Lengthening (ELL)

Limb Lengthening - An Overview
Source/Author: S. Robert Rozbruch, MD 
Support Group
Overview of the limb lengthening procedure. Not specific to the skeletal dysplasias.

Point/Counterpoint: Should Achondroplastic Dwarfs Undergo Leg Lengthening?
Source/Author: Dror Paley, M.D., Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore and Charles I. Scott Jr., M.D., Chief, Division of Medical Genetics, Alfred duPont Institute Wilmington, Del.; Medical Advisory Board 
Arguments for and against extensive limb lengthening in individuals with achondroplasia.