Communicating Hydrocephalus
Source/Author: The MPS society 
Support Group
Discussion of hydrocephalus -- how it is diagnosed and treated. Written for patients with MPS disorders, but most of the information is applicable to any one at risk for hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus in Achondroplasia
Source/Author: Paul Steinbok, MD, Children's Hospital Vancouver, BC
Article in lay terms written for the Little People of British Columbia and re--printed in the LPA Today. Dr. Steinbok is a colleague of Dr. Judy Hall. 

Hydrocephalus in achondroplasia: the possible role of intracranial venous hypertension.
Source/Author: Steinbok P, Hall J, Flodmark O. 
Discussion of a possible mechanism for hydrocephalus in achondroplasia. 
Full text article available by contacting [email protected]

Neurological Considerations in Short Stature
Source/Author: Orest Hurko, MD, LPA Medical Advisory Board
Support Group
Article written in lay terms about the most common neurological problems for individuals of short stature. 

Source/Author: Eugenia-Daniela Hord, MD; E-medicine 
Web-based (medical)
Discussion in medical terms of hydrocephalus (in lay terms known as water on the brain). This complication can occur in babies and young children with achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias.