Hearing Loss

Hearing Evaluation in Children
Source/Author: Kids Health for Parents; Updated and reviewed by: Robert C. O'Reilly, MD and Theirry Morlet, PhD 
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Medical: Ear, Nose and Throat Problems
Source/Author: The Mayeux family with an interview with Dr. Alan Gall, LPA Parents' Forum 1991
A parent's perspective on the ENT issues that are common in children with dwarfism.

Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Achondroplasia
Source/Author: William O. Collins, MD; Sukgi S. Choi, MD 
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Medical Journal Article about the Ear, Nose and Throat issues of achondroplasia

Understanding your hearing test
Source/Author: Daniel Allen, B.Sc., M.A.I.S., CCC-A, Audiologist 
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Overview of an audiology evaluation in lay terms.