Foramen Magnum Stenosis (Cervicomedullary compression)

Achondroplasia and cervicomedullary compression: prospective evaluation and surgical treatment.
Source/Author: Keiper GL Jr, Koch B, Crone KR. 

Achondroplasia Foramen Magnum Growth Chart - find link in growth chart section
Source/Author: Hecht et al 
Growth Chart
Chart showing the growth of the foramen magnum by age. With lines for the foramen magnum in average-statured and in children with achondroplasia.

Cervicomedullary decompression for foramen magnum stenosis in achondroplasia
Source/Author: Bagley CA, Pindrik JA, Bookland MJ, Camara-Quintana JQ, Carson BS. 
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Medical Journal article written by the pediatric neurosurgery team at Johns Hopkins about their experience with foramen magnum stenosis in achondroplasia and the surgical intervention of decompression.

Cervicomedullary junction compression in infants with achondroplasia: when to perform neurosurgical decompression.
Source/Author: D L Rimoin 
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Opinion on when foramen magnum (cervicomedullary) decompression should be done in patients with achondroplasia.

Craniocervical decompression for cervicomedullary compression in pediatric patients with achondroplasia.
Source/Author: John Aryanpur, M.D., Orest Hurko, M.D., Clair Francomano, M.D., Henry Wang, M.D. and Benjamin Carson, M.D. 
Discussion of the surgical treatment of foramen magnum stenosis (also known as cervicomedullary compression).

Dynamic cervicomedullary cord compression and alterations in cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in children with achondroplasia. Report of four cases.
Source/Author: Danielpour M, Wilcox WR, Alanay Y, Pressman BD, Rimoin DL. 
Discusses how MRI in neutral positions may not show cervicomedually compression that occurs with the head in flexion and/or extension

Living with achondroplasia: quality of life evaluation following cervico-medullary decompression.
Source/Author: Ho NC, Guarnieri M, Brant LJ, Park SS, Sun B, North M, Francomano CA, Carson BS 
Qualitative study on how this surgery ends up affecting quality of life in achondroplasia.

Neurological Considerations in Short Stature
Source/Author: Orest Hurko, MD, LPA Medical Advisory Board
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Article written in lay terms about the most common neurological problems for individuals of short stature. 

Neurosurgical aspects in achondroplasia: evaluation and treatment
Source/Author: Gil Z, Tauman R, Sivan J, Orr-Urtreger A, Constantini S. 
Actual article in Hebrew, but this abstract provides a good overview of the possible neursurgical/neurological complications in achondroplasia.

Prospective assessment of risks for cervicomedullary-junction compression in infants with achondroplasia.
Source/Author: Pauli RM, Horton VK, Glinski LP, Reiser CA. 
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Discussion of how infants with achondroplasia should be screened for cervico-medullary junction compression.