Achondroplasia Developmental Milestones table
Source/Author: Todorov AB et al 
Growth (development) chart
Table that gives appropriate time frames for children with achondroplasia to reach developmental milestones.

Cognitive and motor skills in achondroplastic infants: neurologic and respiratory correlates.
Source/Author: Hecht JT, Thompson NM, Weir T, Patchell L, Horton WA.; Am J Med Genet. 1991 Nov 1;41(2):208-11. 
Relationship between respiratory complications and mental capacity in achondroplasia

Motor milestones in children with diastrophic dysplasia.
Source/Author: Crockett MM, Carten MF, Hurko O, Sponseller PD.; J Pediatr Orthop. 2000 Jul-Aug;20(4):437-41 
Provides average ages for motor milestone attainment for children with diastrophic dysplasia

Neuroanatomic and neuropsychological outcome in school-age children with achondroplasia.
Source/Author: Thompson NM, Hecht JT, Bohan TP, Kramer LA, Davidson K, Brandt ME, Fletcher JM.; Am J Med Genet. 1999 Apr 16;88(2):145-53. 
Cognitive skills of children with achondroplasia in relation to their neurological complications.

Speech Questionnaire Results Revealed
Source/Author: Cathy Reisfelt and Ann Peterson
Support Group
Article published in LPA Today in 1990 with the results of a study done on the speech and language characteristics of individuals with short stature. 

To Celebrate: Understanding Developmental Differences in Young Children with Achondroplasia
Part One
Part Two
Source/Author: Richard M. Pauli, MD, PhD, Peggy Modaff, MS, Eric Fowler, MS, Catherine Reiser, MS
Booklet created by the Midwest Regional Bone Dysplasia Clinic for families with children with achondroplasia. Illustrates the many ways in which a achondroplastic child's development may vary from that of most average statured children.