Coxa vara

Coxa vara
Source/Author: Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America. 
Web-based (medical)
Overview of coxa vara - not specific to any particular skeletal dysplasia

Coxa Vara: a novel measurement technique in skeletal dysplasias
Source/Author: Oh CW, Thacker MM, Mackenzie WG, Riddle EC
Journal article for orthopedists who follow patients with SEDC and SEMD. Full text article available by contacting [email protected]

Coxa vara in chondrodysplasia: prognosis study of 35 hips in 19 children.
Source/Author: Trigui M, Pannier S, Finidori G, Padovani JP, Glorion C
Overview of this orthopedic condition in multiple skeletal dysplasias
Full text article available by contacting [email protected]