Campomelic Dysplasia

Campomelic dypslasia
Source/Author: Sheila Unger, MD, Gerd Scherer, PhD, and Andrea Superti-Furga, MD - GeneReviews 
Web-based (medical)
Detailed, numerous hyperlinks. Discusses: Diagnosis; Clinical Description; Differential Diagnosis; Management; Genetic Counseling; Molecular Genetics; Resources.

Campomelic dwarfism.
Source/Author: Becker MH, Finegold M, Genieser NB, Darling D, Feingold M.; Birth Defects Orig Artic Ser. 1975;11(6):113-8.
Discussion of the clinical features of campomelic dysplasia

Campomelic Dysplasia
Source/Author: OMIM Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man 
Web-based (medical)
Discusses: Clinical synopsis; characteristics; genetics; sex reversal; extensive references; reported cases; allelic variants

Campomelic dysplasia
Source/Author: Orphanet 
Web-based (medical)
Brief overview of the condition, scientific citations, clinical features and other web sites.

Campomelic dysplasia. Further elucidation of a distinct entity.
Source/Author: Hall BD, Spranger JW.; Am J Dis Child. 1980 Mar;134(3):285-9. 

Campomelic Syndrome
Source/Author: National Organization for Rare Disorders 
Web-based (medical)

Case studies: campomelic dysplasia
Source/Author: Kristen J Eger 
Medical article on the prenatal diagnosis of campomelic dysplasia by ultrasound

Diagnosis and Discussion: Campomelic Dysplasia
Source/Author: Enid Gilbert-Barness, MD
Web-based (medical)
Brief discussion of campomelic dysplasia that was previously on the Internet. 

Natural History: Campomelic Dysplasia
Source/Author: Richard M Pauli, MD 
Review of the various medical complications that can occur with campomelic dysplasia and discussion on what is appropriate for monitoring and interventions. Written in medical terms. Originals can be ordered from the Midwest Bone Dysplasia Clinic.

Prenatal diagnosis of campomelic dysplasia by ultrasonography.
Source/Author: Winter R, Rosenkranz W, Hofmann H, Zierler H, Becker H, Borkenstein M.; Prenat Diagn. 1985 Jan-Feb;5(1):1-8. 

Radiographic Characteristics of Lower-Extremity Bowing in Children
Source/Author: Jugesh I. Cheema, MD, Leslie E. Grissom, MD and H. Theodore Harcke, MD 
Article discussing how to differentiate between bowing due to different medical conditions based on x-ray findings.

The campomelic syndrome: review, report of 17 cases, and follow-up on the currently 17-year-old boy first reported by Maroteaux et al in 1971.
Source/Author: Houston CS, Opitz JM, Spranger JW, Macpherson RI, Reed MH, Gilbert EF, Herrmann J, Schinzel A.; Am J Med Genet. 1983 May;15(1):3-28. 
Overview of campomelic dysplasia

Orthopaedic manifestations of campomelic dysplasia.
Source/Author: Khoshhal K, Letts RM.; Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2002 Aug;(401):65-74. 
Overview of the orthopedic problems in campomelic dysplasia; specifically hip dislocation.