Bowed Legs (Genu varum)

Ilizarov appartus
Source/Author: Orthopedics department, BC Children's Hospital 
Web-based (lay)
Overview of this orthopedic device including its uses, how it works, and the experience of patient put in one of these.


Patient Guide to Achondroplasia Genu Varum
Source/Author: Paul Sponseller, Michael Ain, Nancy Miller, Michael Bank. Dept of Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins.
Web-based (lay)
Detailed article in lay terms about genu varum (leg bowing) in achondroplasia.


Pediatrics: Bow Legs & Knock Knees
Source/Author: Orthopedics Department, University of California at San Francisco 
Web-based (lay)
Overview of bow legs and knock knees - 2 conditions of the legs that commonly occur in skeletal dysplasias.


Radiographic Characteristics of Lower-Extremity Bowing in Children
Source/Author: Jugesh I. Cheema, MD, Leslie E. Grissom, MD and H. Theodore Harcke, MD 
Full text
Article discussing how to differentiate between bowing due to different medical conditions based on x-ray findings.