Turner Syndrome

chromosome XO syndrome (Turner syndrome)
Source/Author: Jablonski Syndromes Database 
Web-based (medical)
Summary, clinical features, and medical bibliography.

Clinical Practice Guideline: Care of Girls and Women with Turner Syndrome
Source/Author: Carolyn A. Brody for the The Turner Syndrome Consensus Study Group
Full text
Clinical guidelines for taking care of patients with Turner syndrome

Turner Syndrome
Source/Author: Patricia A. Rieser, Family Nurse Practitioner-C; From original text by: Thomas Aceto, Jr., MD and Anke A. Ehrharadt, PhD; Human Growth Foundation 
Web-based (lay)
Introduction to Turner syndrome in lay terms including physical features, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Turner syndrome
Source/Author: Daniel Postellon, MD; E-medicine 
Web-based (medical)
Description of condition in medical terminology, including clinical information, diagnosis, treatment and patient information.

Turner Syndrome
Source/Author: National Organization of Rare Diseases 
Web-based (medical)
Brief description of the clinical features/characteristics, medical complications and genetics of this condition.

Turner syndrome - general information
Source/Author: Amid Habib, M.D., F.A.A.P.; The Magic Foundation 
Medical Review
Detailed description of Turner syndrome

Turner Syndrome Society
Source/Author: National support group for girls and women with Turner syndrome.
Support Group

Learn about TS
Source/Author: Turner Syndrome Society 
Support Group
Detailed description of Turner syndrome including characteristics, genetics, growth and other related topics.