Spinal Stenosis

Cervical Spinal Stenosis in Metatropic Dysplasia.
Source/Author: Leet, Arabella I. MD; Sampath, Jayanth S. FRCSEd, FRCS (Tr&Orth), MSc; Scott, Charles I. Jr MD; MacKenzie, William G. MD 
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Cervical stenosis and spastic quadriparesis in Morquio disease (MPS IV). A case report with twenty-six-year follow-up.
Source/Author: White KK, Steinman S, Mubarak SJ
Medical journal article - case report on one patient with Morquio who was followed for 26 years for cervical stenosis. 
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Laminectomies and achondroplasia: does body mass index influence surgical outcomes?
Source/Author: Ain MC, Chang TL, Schkrohowsky JG. 
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Medical journal article that shows that patients with higher BMIs do not have greater risk for complication over those with lower BMIs.

Neurologic morbidity associated with achondroplasia.
Source/Author: Hecht JT, Butler IJ. J Child Neurol. 1990 Apr;5(2):84-97. 
Discussion of the neurological complications that can occur in achondroplasia due to skeletal abnormalities of the vertebrae and the base of the skull.

Neurological Considerations in Short Stature
Source/Author: Orest Hurko, MD, LPA Medical Advisory Board
Support Group
Article written in lay terms about the most common neurological problems for individuals of short stature. 

Neurosurgical aspects in achondroplasia: evaluation and treatment
Source/Author: Gil Z, Tauman R, Sivan J, Orr-Urtreger A, Constantini S. 
Actual article in Hebrew, but this abstract provides a good overview of the possible neurosurgical/neurological complications in achondroplasia.

Patient Guide to Achondroplasia Spinal Stenosis
Source/Author: Paul Sponseller, Michael Ain, Nancy Miller, Michael Bank. Dept of Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins.
Web-based (lay)
Detailed article in lay terms about spinal stenosis in achondroplasia

Source/Author: Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of California at San Francisco Discussion of the various types of spinal complications that can occur in the skeletal dysplasias. IN LAY TERMS

Pedicle and spinal canal parameters of the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae in the achondroplast population.
Source/Author: Srikumaran U, Woodard EJ, Leet AI, Rigamonti, D, Sponseller PD, Ain MC.
Medical journal article about the spine in achondroplasia. 
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Postlaminectomy kyphosis in the skeletally immature achondroplast.
Source/Author: Ain MC, Shirley ED, Pirouzmanesh A, Hariri A, Carson BS. 
Article on the risk of the development of kyphosis after laminectomies in young patients with achondroplasia. 
Full text article available by contacting [email protected]

Rates of perioperative complications associated with laminectomies in patients with achondroplasia.
Source/Author: Ain MC, Chang TL, Schkrohowsky JG, Carlisle ES, Hodor M, Rigamonti D. 
Article discussing the risks of laminectomy surgeries in patients with achondroplasia.

Spine and Spinal Cord Problems in Bone Dysplasias
Source/Author: Richard M. Pauli, MD, PhD
Support Group
Article published in LPA Today (1991-1992) that provides a good overview of the spinal issues that little people can have. 

Spinal deformity in short-stature syndromes.
Source/Author: Tolo VT. Instr Course Lect. 1990;39:399-405. 
Review of the spinal problems that can occur in conditions of short stature.

Surgical treatment of lumbar stenosis in achondroplasia
Source/Author: Ralph T. W. M. Thomeer and J. Marc. C. van Dijk 
Full text
Evaluation of a surgical method used to treat lumbar stenosis.

Spinal Stenosis
Source/Author: Lennard A Nadalo, MD, James A Moody, MD; E-medicine 
Web-based (medical)
A general discussion of spinal stenosis in medical terms. Spinal stenosis is often a complication of achondroplasia and other forms of skeletal dysplasias.