Russell-Silver Syndrome

Russell Silver Syndrome (RSS)
Source/Author: National Organization of Rare Diseases 
Web-based (medical)
Brief description of the clinical features/characteristics, medical complications and genetics of this condition.

Russell-Silver Syndrome
Source/Author: Madeleine D. Harbison, M.D.; Magic Foundation 
Support Group
Introduction and brochure on RSS and its clinical features, treatments and support information.

Russell-Silver Syndrome
Source/Author: Howard M Saal, MD; GeneReviews 
Medical Review
Detailed discussion of the condition in medical terminology. Includes diagnosis, clinical description, differential diagnosis, management, genetic counseling, molecular genetics, resources

Sindrome de Russell-Silver
Source/Author: Medline Plus 
Web-based (medical)
Definition, incidence, symptoms, clinical signs and tests, treatment, prognosis, complications, situations requiring medical assistance.

Silver-Russell syndrome
Source/Author: Ainu Prakash-Cheng, MD, PhD, Margaret McGovern, MD, PhD; E-medicine 
Web-based (medical)
Description of condition in medical terminology, including clinical information, diagnosis, treatment and patient information.

Silver-Russell syndrome
Source/Author: Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research 
Web-based (medical)
Photographs and links to journal articles on this condition.

Source/Author: OMIM, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man 
Web-based (medical)
Medical/Scientific description of Russell-Silver syndrome with emphasis on the genetics of the condition

What Are Growth Disorders?
Source/Author: Human Growth Foundation 
Web-based (lay)
In layman's terms. Discusses: What Are Growth Disorders? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Deficiency, Cushing's Syndrome (Cortisol, Stress, Hormone Excess), Hypothyroidism, Nutritional Short Stature, Intrauterine Growth Retardation ("IUGR"), Russell Silver Syndrome, Disproportionate Short Stature, Achondroplasia, Growth Related Disorders, Poor Nutrition and Systemic Diseases, Bone Disorders