Respiratory/Breathing Problems

Source/Author: Kids Health for Parents; Reviewed by: Aaron S. Chidekel, MD
Medical Review
Overview of types of sleep apnea, its causes and treatments.

Breathing Problems among Little People: When to be concerned
Source/Author: Dr. Cheryl S. Reid, M.D. 
Support Group
Discussion of the physiology and mechanism of respiration/breathing and complications that can occur in people with skeletal dysplasias.

Could my child have sleep apnea?
Source/Author: American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 
Web-based (lay)
Sleep apnea in children caused by tissue (tonsils, adenoids) or other anatomy blocking the intake of oxygen while sleeping.

Otolaryngologic Manifestations of Achondroplasia
Source/Author: William O. Collins, MD; Sukgi S. Choi, MD 
Full text
Medical Journal Article about the Ear, Nose and Throat issues of achondroplasia

Respiratory complications of achondroplasia.
Source/Author: Stokes DC, Phillips JA, Leonard CO, Dorst JP, Kopits SE, Trojak JE, Brown DL.; J Pediatr. 1983 Apr;102(4):534-41.

Respiratory Studies in Children with Achondroplasia
Source/Author: Dr. Cheryl S. Reid, M.D., FAAP Member, Medical Advisory Board, LPA, Inc.
Support Group
Article for LPA Today written by LPA MAB member discussing studies that have helped us better understand the respiratory problems in achondroplasia.

Standard curves of chest circumference in achondroplasia and the relationship of chest circumference to respiratory problems.
Source/Author: Hunter AG, Reid CS, Pauli RM, Scott CI Jr.; Am J Med Genet. 1996 Mar 1;62(1):91-7.  
How the size of the chest may be related to the risk for respiratory problems in young children with achondroplasia.

Spirometry and chest wall dimensions in achondroplasia. 
Source/Author: Stokes DC, Pyeritz RE, Wise RA, Fairclough D
Full text
Medical journal article on respiratory function in achondroplasia.

The lungs and airways in achondroplasia. Do little people have little lungs?
Source/Author: Stokes DC, Wohl ME, Wise RA, Pyeritz RE, Fairclough DL.; Chest. 1990 Jul;98(1):145-52 
Full text 
Medical journal article on lung function in achondroplasia.

Source/Author: The MPS society 
Support Group
Discussion of what a tracheostomy is, when it is needed, how it is put in, etc. Applicable to any condition with respiratory problems that might result in a tracheotomy.