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The LPA Medical Resource Center (MRC) is the official site for medical information about dwarfism (conditions of short stature), sponsored by the Little People of America, Inc. (LPA). LPA is an American national nonprofit organization that provides medical, social, educational, vocational and counseling assistance to people with dwarfism, their families, and their primary caregivers. Click here for more information about LPA.

The MRC is a project whose mission is to provide public access to the latest and most accurate medical information available about dwarfism and its associated conditions. There are various types of medical resources on this site, most of which exist on the world wide web. All information published within this domain has been reviewed and approved by LPA's Medical Resource Director. The Medical Resource Director works under advisement of the LPA Medical Advisory Board in the development of this site. 

The following resources are available on this site:

Dwarfism Types
A comprehensive list of the dwarfism diagnoses that comprise the LPA population. Selecting a diagnosis presents a list of articles, documents, book and article references and other pertinent information.

Conditions & Complications
An index of major medical conditions and complications known to exist within the various forms of dwarfism. Selecting a Condition/Complication presents additional information and articles associated with it, as well as a list of the types of dwarfism in which it occurs.
General Topics & Other Resources
Links and descriptions of resources for people with dwarfism, including information about education/working with schools, medical needs letters, medical insurance/healthcare coverage, LPA Medical Advisory Board Publications, parenting issues, support groups, and much more.
Frequently Asked Questions
The medical questions about dwarfism that are most often asked of the MRC staff and the LPA Medical Advisory Board, and their answers.

Ask A Question
Submit questions to the MRC volunteer if you have a medical question for which you cannot find the answers on the site. Before using this service, please do your best to locate the information within this site.


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